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Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences (BUMHS), Quetta is the first and only Medical University in Balochistan, to cater for Medical professionals’ teaching and learning needs. BUMHS with its constituent Bolan Medical College and Dental Section of Bolan Medical College (University Dental College) is the highest seat of learning.
BUMHS was established vide Gazette Notification No. 172 dated 22nd December 2017, linked with reference No. PAB/ legis: v (7)/2017/94. The Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences has been established under an Act. No. VII of 2017. The Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences Bill No. 12, of 2017 passed by the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan on 11th December 2017, assented to by the Honorable Governor Balochistan on 20th December 2017 and published in the Balochistan Gazette in March 2018, as an Act of the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan. University has also been notified by the Government of Balochistan vide Gazette notification No. SGB/BUMHS/2-37/2018/186-204 dated 5th September 2018. PMDC Adhoc Council notified and published a public notice that all provinces will have one Medical University that will act as “Admitting University”. With its establishment now BUMHS being the only University of Medical and Health Sciences in the province of Balochistan, is responsible to admit students in MBBS and BDS programs of studies for session 2018-19 in its Constituent Bolan Medical College and its Dental Section (University Dental College) as well as in other public sector Medical Colleges of the province of Balochistan.


At the time of independence Pakistan was almost lacking skilled manpower in all fields, especially in the field of medical education and medical services delivery. As stop gap arrangement in short span of time the Government of Pakistan had decided to introduce Condensed Medical Courses by establishing Medical Schools in the country. As such in 1952 first Medical School namely "Amin-ud-Din Medical School" was established in Quetta. The school continued for seven years and as a matter of policy it was abolished when it was felt that this category of Doctors were no more required and instead it was decided that more Medical Colleges are required to be opened to train fully qualified Doctors in the country, at MBBS and postgraduate levels.
Earlier on the students from Balochistan had to seek admissions in in other Medical Colleges of the country and were facing great difficulties. After Balochistan got the status of a separate Province in 1970 the people of Balochistan started demanding a Medical College of their own. In March 1971 it was agreed in principle that a Medical College will be opened in Balochistan at Quetta.
In 1972, the Government of Pakistan acceding to the demand of the people of the Province formally decided to set-up a Medical College at Quetta and agreed to run it as a Federally Funded Project.
Pending the construction of a new full-fledged College Building and Hospital, the clinical classes were started in Sandeman Provincial Hospital Quetta and the building of a Para- Medical School was acquired for the College. The main buildings of College and Hospital (BMC and BMCH) have been completed and are fully functional. The laboratories of the Basic Medical Sciences Departments have been equipped with most modern equipments.
Four Hostels (two for Boys and two for Girls) and Residences of Teaching and Ministerial staff in reasonable number have also been completed. At the moment there is accommodation for almost all the students.
Twenty Eight batches of students numbering 3500 (approximately) have already qualified and the 29th batch is due to pass out.
Later on BDS classes were started in 1985 and presently a fully functional Dental section of the College (now as the Constituent University Dental College) is working and until now around 190 BDS Doctors have qualified from this institution.
For up-dating the knowledge of the Teachers and furtherance of Medical Science a Research Cell, as a branch of Pakistan Medical Research Council, is functioning since 1979 in association with the institution.
To make the medical education more meaningful a Programme of Community Oriented Medical Education (COME) has been introduced in the institution from 2016.
In 2008, the idea of University of Medical and Health Sciences was conceived with preamble that it is in the interest of the Province of Balochistan to bring the entire medical, nursing, paramedical and other health sciences education under one roof for better coordination and uniform evaluation; to achieve excellence in the advancement of knowledge in the fields of medical, nursing and paramedical sciences; to improve human health through advancement of scientific research, provision of skilled personnel, infra-structure and to establish teaching institutions in these fields. To achieve these goals it was expedient to establish an independent and autonomous university of Medical and Health Sciences by the name of "Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences" with its main campus at Quetta. NOC was thus sought from Higher Education Commission, Islamabad after evaluating the feasibility report and their Inspection Team inspected the physical and academic infra structure of this institution. HEC advised to prepare draft Charter of proposed University in line with provisions of Federal Universities Ordinance (FUO), 2002.
In 2017, in line with updated guidelines and requirements of HEC and PMDC a draft bill of proposed Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences, 2017, after evaluation and approval of HEC, being found in accordance with the provisions of FUO 2002, was approved by Balochistan Provincial Assembly and assented to by the Honourable Governor Balochistan and it was notified by Provincial Assembly of Balochistan in Balochistan Gazette on 22nd December 2017 as BUMHS Act No. VII, 2017. The establishment of BUMHS was also Gazette notified by the Government of Balochistan from the date of promulgation of the Act.
Prof. Dr. Naqib Ullah Achakzai was appointed as the first Vice Chancellor of BUMHS on August 01, 2018. The BUMHS has conducted so far it's 1st Senate, Syndicate and Academic Council meetings and after approval of the relevant bodies has started the process of admissions in it MBBS and BDS courses for session 2018-19.


Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences (BUMHS) Quetta Pakistan would be one of the leading institutions for medical teaching, learning, research and public health. It would play its leadership role in these areas not only in the province of Balochistan but also at national and international level.


BUMHS would prove to be the world class academia producing not only competent undergraduate and postgraduate health care professionals but also medical educationists and research scholars empowered with sound knowledge, skills as well as high caliber attitudes, ethical and moral values.
BUMHS would inculcate in its graduating and qualifying undergraduate and postgraduate health care professionals community oriented self directed learning and professional development qualities to further provide leadership in medical education, research and professional health services.
Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences Quetta would consistently strive to provide a conducive environment of international standards for medical education and research. It would ensure that it’s constituent, affiliated and attached institutes and hospitals provide quality education and public health services of very high standards. In this endeavour every possible effort would be made to achieve international standards through a continuous process of quality control, monitoring, maintenance and improvement.
BUMHS would conduct high quality assessments and evaluations for achieving goals and objectives.

Core Values

• Adherence to mission
• Commitment, devotion and dedication
• Morality, honesty, integrity and ethics
• Service to humanity
• Respect
• Discipline
• Professionalism
• Excellence
• Research and innovations
• Leadership
• Good governance
• Monitoring and Quality Assurance
• Accountability and Audit


BUMHS would be a seat of Education and Research for the service of ailing Humanity - incorporated in logo of BUMHS.

Goals and Objectives

BUMHS would set the following goals and objectives for itself to be able to:
• Acquire a position among the top universities at national and international levels.
• Create, maintain, further improve and enhance a conducive teaching and learning environment for its undergraduates, postgraduates and research scholars
• Find opportunities, ways and means for its faculty, students and research scholars to improve and enhance their teaching, learning and research abilities and qualifications through national and international collaborations with other institutions and universities both inside and outside the country.
• Establish a vigilant and dynamic Quality Assurance and Enhancement Cell inculcating, ensuring and monitoring the tradition of internal and external audits and accountability of its faculty members, students, employees and support staff.


BUMHS would be a seat of Education and Research for the service of ailing Humanity - incorporated in logo of BUMHS.